Udayasthamana Puja




Offering Udayasthamana Pooja is one of the most popular offering to Swami Ayyappa. There are 18 Pujas with Tantric Rituals conducted from sunrise to sunset. The Udayasthamana Pooja commences on previous day at 7 pm with Ganapathy Puja followed by “ari alakkal” for Nivedyam by Donor under the guidance of Priest. On the day of Udayasthamana Pooja, the Garbhagriha will open at 5 am for Nirmalya Darshanam, Usha Pooja followed by 18 Pujas, Homam, Navaka Pooja, Abhishekam, Namaskaram, Kalabham Charthal and Niramala. The second session will start at 11 am for Nivedyam, Uccha Puja and Deeparadhana. The third session will start at 6:30 pm for Deeparadhana, Athazha Puja and Unniappam Nivedyam and conclude with deeparadhana at 8:15 pm.


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